The Schafer Autism Report



January 2006

Only Autism is Autism

      Only autism is autism. Autism is a clinically defined disability, not a trivial personality trait. Asperger Syndrome is not autism; it is Asperger Syndrome. PDD-NOS is not autism; it is PDD-NOS. While they are serious conditions; they are not disabilities. There is no clinical definition for the lay term "high functioning autism" which is an oxymoron. Using the term "autism" for anything other than autism for personal or political gain is tantamount to identity theft and exploitation of the disabled. My autistic son is disabled for his autism and shame on anyone who would say we all should be happier about it. Shame on those who exploit and minimize the plight of disabled children so they can feel better about, or improve their own condition, however they choose to diagnose themselves. It is no different than anyone who would solicit for money or considerations, falsely presenting themselves as blind.

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