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Evidence of Harm author David Kirby will appear this Sunday morning, August 7, on NBC's Meet the Press with Tim Russert. Please check your local listings for broadcast time in your area.  IOM director Dr. Harvey Fineberg is scheduled to appear along with Mr. Kirby to debate the controversy presented in Evidence of Harm regarding the link between mercury-containing vaccines and neurological disorders such as autism and ADHD. 
NAA has sent the following letter to Mr. Russert to thank him for airing this critical topic. We encourage you to take a moment to thank him as well and tell him a little about your family's situation.  Any information you can share regarding the amount of mercury received through vaccines, regressions occurring after mercury-containing vaccines were given, chelation results, etc. would be helpful.  Here is the link for your letters to Meet the Press: 
As we all know, the story of what happened to our children has yet to attain the type of mainstream media attention it deserves.  When a program with the visibility and acclaim of Meet the Press decides to devote time to it, we know we're making progress.  We need to let Mr. Russert and his producers know they're onto something big and encourage them to fully investigate the thimerosal issue.
The NAA Team

August 3, 2020

Mr. Tim Russert
NBC News
Meet the Press
Washington, DC

Dear Mr. Russert,

All of us at the National Autism Association extend our gratitude for your willingness to address a subject few media outlets have been brave enough to honestly take on: the relationship between increased mercury exposure through vaccines and the neurological disorders currently running rampant among the children of this country.

As a 501(c)3 organization created to provide information and support to families of children with an autism diagnosis, we hear increasingly from parents who believe their children were injured by the mercury they received through vaccines, and mounting scientific data from respected research facilities backs them up.

One of our primary interests is the development of meaningful treatments for the one in 166 American children now diagnosed with autism, and the one in six now suffering with a learning or behavior disorder. Therefore, it is particularly troublesome that the full story of what happened to the children of the "thimerosal generation" has yet to achieve public acknowledgment. Without widespread public awareness, research will continue to be directed into genetics and other areas that are of minimal benefit to our injured children.

Asking the tough questions of your guests next Sunday may be the best thing that has happened to these children in a very long time. We hope you will take into account the following areas of concern as you plan your broadcast:

  • There is evidence that the CDC paid for the IOM's 2004 conclusion recommending that further study into a link between thimerosal exposure and neurological disorders be abandoned. Furthermore, there are indications of conflict of interest among some of the IOM Immunization Safety Review Committee members including financial ties to vaccine makers.
  • Transcripts from closed-door sessions among the IOM's Immunization Safety Review Committee reveal that the members decided they would not find that vaccine mercury caused injury before the Committee had seen or reviewed the relevant studies. Also, these transcripts obtained by FOIA contain ample evidence of two forms of blatant bias, and direct departures from their stated charters: (1) repeated acknowledgements that CDC doesn't want "us" to find causation, and more important (2) a constant obsession not with the science but with the overriding "policy" issue of what a finding of causation would do to public confidence in vaccines.
  • The five epidemiological studies the IOM based its conclusion upon are fatally flawed, have never been replicated, and have ties to the CDC (or foreign equivalent mandating vaccines in other countries) and/or the pharmaceutical industry. However, the IOM chose to completely ignore the biological and clinical data supporting the link between thimerosal exposure and injuries to children conducted by independent appropriately-credentialed researchers.
  • The CDC has rendered the taxpayer-funded Vaccine Safety Datalink nearly inaccessible to independent, outside researchers. The one time brief outside access that was allowed literally required an act of Congress to proceed, was severely restricted, and, when the researchers found further evidence of a link between thimerosal exposure and injuries to children, they were maligned by trumped-up charges of privacy violations. The lack of transparency in the CDC's handling of this data is unacceptable.

Perhaps the greatest tragedy of this mercury poisoning is that it could have been so easily avoided. Thimerosal is NOT NEEDED in vaccines, which could have been sold either as single doses or with a different preservative. Many European countries began eliminating thimerosal in the early 1990's. A 1991 internal memo obtained from a Merck whistleblower noted that total mercury exposure exceeded toxic limits, that there were at least six safer preservatives, recommended that Merck consider removal, but that FDA would likely not require a change. Our licensing authority, FDA, finally conceded in 1998 emails that they never added up the total mercury, so despite the law that requires that they only license "safe" vaccines, their negligence led to even more toxic levels of mercury in vaccines. Similarly, CDC, the agency that mandates vaccines for children, never even bothered to add up the mercury.

Again, we thank you sincerely for making this topic available to your viewers and would be happy to provide further information should you need it. There can be no topic more deserving of in-depth investigation and open public debate than the unnecessary poisoning of nearly an entire generation of this nation's children.


National Autism Association Officers and Board Members:
Jo Pike, Executive Director
Wendy Fournier, President
Rita Shreffler, Secretary
Rosemarie Dubrowsky, Treasurer
Laura Bono, Board Chair
Lori McIlwain
Claire Bothwell
Lyn Redwood
Scott Bono
Leslie Davidson
Ann Brasher
Steve Stoddard
Robert Krakow
Jim Moody
Liz Birt

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