Call for Abstracts and Panels

International Meeting for Autism Research


The IMFAR Scientific Program Committee invites abstract and scientific panel submissions for review in all disciplines relevant to autism research for presentation at the 2010 IMFAR meeting in Philadelphia, May 20-22. The deadline for abstract submission is November 20, 2009. Abstracts should be submitted online at


cccRelevant topics include but are not limited to: etiology, risk factors, epidemiology, neuroimaging, treatment, cognition, behavior, language, communication, diagnosis, phenotype, genetics, animal models, education, neurology, psychiatry, psychology, neuropathology, immunology, environment, and medical conditions. IMFAR is a scientific meeting and only presentations based on empirical data will be accepted.


Individual abstracts should report on the results of a single study. The program committee will select abstracts for either an oral presentation or a poster presentation.


Scientific panels should consist of 3 or 4 linked presentations of empirical findings from studies of the same topic. The presentations may present different findings from the same study or findings from different but related studies. Selected scientific panels will be given a presentation slot of 60 minutes. Only a small portion of the program will be devoted to these panels. The program committee will consider the individual presentations of panel submissions that are not accepted as panels for oral or poster presentations.


The rapid growth of the International Society for Autism Research (INSAR) has led to policies that ensure effective communication with the scientific and autism communities through media organizations. Information submitted to IMFAR as an abstract for oral or poster presentation is embargoed until after the presentation. The program committee will select abstracts for inclusion in a press book and INSAR will arrange for information release and press conferences during the meeting. Press policies may be viewed on the INSAR website.


The research presented at the meeting must be substantively identical to that described in the abstract, although the addition of data collected subsequently is allowed. Authors are required to declare all conflicts of interest when making oral or poster presentations.



1.      For members of INSAR and for students, there is no fee to submit abstracts. Others will be charged a $50 processing fee if their abstract is accepted. Presenters whose abstracts are accepted for presentation must register and pay the registration fee for the conference by April 15, 2010.

2.      An individual may appear as the first author or presenter on only one abstract.

3.      Submit abstracts and panels on line by going to and clicking on the links at the bottom of the page. Abstracts must be submitted by November 20, 2009.

4.      Funding sources (sponsors) must be identified, including commercial, public, or private foundation grants, and off-label use of drugs must be declared.

5.      The submitter must certify that:

a.       Any work with human or animal subjects reported in the abstract complies with the guiding policies and principles for experimental procedures endorsed by the National Institutes of Health.

b.      Each author has given consent to appear as an author. Each author will automatically receive notice of abstract submission, and will be able to view it at any time.

6.      Any real or perceived financial conflict of interest (COI), such as royalties, pharmaceutical relationships, case litigation, etc., of each investigator must be reported. Any potential for financial gain that may be derived from reported work may constitute a potential conflict of interest. At the time of submission, the final step in the process will be the requirement for each author to log into the site and sign the personal COI statement. Failure to declare a real or perceived COI will result in withdrawal of the abstract from presentation at the meeting, the Program book, and the Abstract book. In addition, the author not declaring COI will be prohibited from submitting an abstract to the IMFAR meeting for the following year. All COIs must be displayed in oral and poster presentations and they will be identified in both the Program and Abstract Books.

7.      The text of abstract submissions must:

a.       Be 500 words or less

b.      Include these five paragraph headings: background, objectives, methods, results, conclusions, with enough information that the reviewer can assess the value of each of these categories.

c.       Not include the authors' names.

8.      The text of panel submissions must:

a.       Include a 200 word or less paragraph describing the overall theme of the panel, followed by a 500-word or less paragraph for each presentation within the panel.

b.      Include these five paragraph headings for the description of each presentation: background, objectives, methods, results, conclusions, with enough information that the reviewer can assess the value of each of these categories.


NOTE: ABSTRACTS AND PANEL PROPOSALS WILL BE PRINTED EXACTLY AS THEY ARE SUBMITTED. Therefore we strongly recommend that you compose the text of the abstract in a separate word processing program before beginning the online submission process. Check the spelling and grammar of the text before submitting it. The conference organizers will not edit any portion of abstracts (e.g., title, authors, affiliations, spelling errors).

As soon as you have submitted the title of your presentation you will automatically receive an email from ( that includes a password-protected hyperlink. If you interrupt the submission process, you can resume at any time by clicking on the hyperlink in that email.


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